What we do.

Synergy is a form of a process or interaction that produces a harmonious balance so that it can produce something optimal.


About Service

Cementing Services, Well Stimulation, Chemicals

PT SAS are suported by Senior Expertizes who has already exposure more than 10 years working in international services companies.

PT SAS also supported by experience local services companies who has new technology of pumping equipment and laboratorium.

PT SAS prouds to have been delivering project until today with:

– Zero Accident
– Zero Incident
– Zero Spill

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What we do


The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for oil and gas industry needs.

Cementing Services

The demand for cementing service is rapidly increasing, SAU has standing experience managing cementing projects in Indonesia. We use high technology and methodology to yield high result for our clients

Well Stimulation

Sinergi provides well stimulation technique using chemicals all the way down to formation. We use the latest technology and technique to achieve maximum result while maintaining cost.

Integrated Drilling Services

Supported by Experience Services Companies : Drilling Mud, Cementing, Mud Logging, H2S, Waste Water Treatment, And also others services.


Our R&D department continuously developing stimulation chemicals to deliver maximum results. Our 24/7 labs are equipped with the latest in the oil and gas industry.

Others Services and Materials

Able to supports all customers request in term of Oil and gas and also Geothermal activites.

During the first year PT SAS has completed some jobs as below :

Primary Cementing

Primary cementing for drilling well properly with no issue

Remedial Cementing

Remedial Cementing job

Integrated Drilling Services

Be part of the drilling campaign well as the IDS (Integrated Drilling Services). On this project are supported by experienced 5 services companies: Drilling Mud, Cementing, Mud Logging, H2S and Waste Water Treatment


Stimulation job