Oil and Gas Industry

Synergy is a form of a process or interaction that produces a harmonious balance so that it can produce something optimal.

Equipment & Laboratory

Delivering results, rock solid dependability, oil & gas industry.

PT SAS also supported by experience local services companies who has new technology of pumping equipment and laboratorium.
About Technical Consulting

Reliable engineering takes many forms.

PT SAS are suported by Senior Expertizes who has already exposure more than 10 years working in international services companies.


• Well Stimulation Package
• Cementing Unit Package
• Integrated Drilling Services (IDS)


Standard Laboratory :
• Atmospheric Consistometer
• Pressurized HTHP Consistometer
• Compressive Strength Tester
• Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (UCA)
• Static Gel Strength Analyzer (SGSA)
• Cement Hydration Analyzer (CHA)
• Fluid Loss Test
• Free Water
• Rheology
• Water Analysis
• Compatibility Test