Oil and Gas Industry

Synergy is a form of a process or interaction that produces a harmonious balance so that it can produce something optimal.


Trusted by several world-class brands and organizations from the oil and gas industry.

PT Sinergi Anugrah Services


PT Sinergi Anugrah Services (PT SAS) is established as a spirit of providing the best quality services on oil and gas industry. Synergizing of some positives and best spirits of harmonious balance to obtain an optimization and best quality result.

Commitment to service excellent.

PT Sinergi Anugrah Services (PT SAS) is a one hundred percent locally owned company and utilized mostly local resources when doing our job. We take pride on utilizing very experience personnel on this specific business that were able to compete with other internationally established well service companies.

Commitment to maintain a safe, healthy workplace and protecting the environment.

PT Sinergi Anugrah Services (PT SAS) has made commitment to the safety of its people, the equipment’s and the environment. We believe that what’s taken from the ground will eventually circle back into the ground therefore we feel the need to keep the cycle of this circle alive for our future generation.

Intensify the usage of local content.



PT Sinergi Anugrah Services offers the excellent services for Cementing and pumping stimulation. We provide a diverse set of products and services in select global markets that add value to our customers’ operations with an emphasis on quality, integrity and safe operations.


We will make finding and producing energy more efficient by bringing together complementary products and services to plan, deliver and execute solutions as one seamless unit operating under one common culture. In turn, we will earn a reputation as the global leader in providing safe, efficient and high-quality solutions throughout the lifecycle of the well.
Our Leadership

Leadership and Governance

we place great emphasis on strategic leadership and effective governance throughout our operations. Our board of directors and executive team work hand in hand to ensure sound corporate governance practices are in place. We adhere to ethical leadership principles, fostering a culture of integrity and responsible decision-making. Our policies are developed with a focus on risk management and regulatory compliance, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our employees, the environment, and the communities in which we operate